HUEDA™ Hub Wifi & DMX Color Controller H-2818WIN

The H-2818WIN HUEDA™ Hub (master) is a Wi-Fi/RF color controller that allows you to control color changing of RGB and RGBW LED Lighting through DMX standard or wireless Hueda RF color receivers.  Attach to a home router and control the color through a Wi-Fi IOS APP installed on a mobile device or the hand-held HUEDA™ RF Remote.  Through the IOS app, the HUEDA™ Hub can change color to music played on your IOS device. The HUEDA™ Hub is compatible with HUEDA™ series receivers (see chart below) to control  RGB/RGBW LED strip lighting.

Note: Keep HUEDA™ Hub (master) H-2818WIN within 75ft range of any HUEDA™ series RF Color Receivers


Converts Wi-Fi signal to RF to control HUEDA wireless receivers and DMX standard
Single or multiple receivers can be controlled by each control system
Each receiver can be controlled by 8 different remote (max)
Controlled by APP installed on iOS mobile devices (iOS 8 or higher)
Change color to music played on your iOS device

Technical Specifications

Operation Voltage12VDC
Product Dimension85 x 110 x 24mm (3.34″ x 4.33″ x 0.94″)


Color DMX Decoders

Color RF(Wireless) Receivers


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