LED Color Decoder LT-840 DMX Zone Controller

The LT-840 DMX is a 4-channel Low voltage DMX512 Decoder Zone Controller (12 ~ 24V, 5 AMP Max input , 3A per channel)

LT-840 DMX must be used in conjunction with a master controller (Such as a HUEDA) to control 1 run of low voltage RGB LED lighting (for each LT-840 DMX).

When used with other DMX decoders, multiple runs can be coordinated to work together in perfect synchronicity or be configured in zones.

Uses universal standard DMX512/1990.

Uses 4 channels with 256 shades of brightness. Indoor use only.

LT-840 DMX Wiring Diagram

HUEDA wiring diagram

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage12V – 24V DC
Output4 Channels
Grayscale12.8in x 5.5in x 2.1in / 325mm x 140mm x 52mm
External dimensionL165 x W68 x H40 (mm)
Net weight320 g
Static power consumption<1W
Output currentOne channel 4 Amps max with no other load on other channels
Maximum Input5 Amps 12VDC / 4 Amps 24VDC
Output power12VDC:<60W, 24VDC:<100W (maximum)
CertificationsCE, Rohs
Operating temperature-20 to 40 C Indoor (dry location)

12VDC Power Supplies

24VDC Power Supplies



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