24VDC Dimmable Driver

24VDC Electronic Dimmable and Regulated Dimmable LED Drivers are the Class 2 UL listed for low voltage LED lighting dimming. Dimmable LED Power Supplies are rated for use in Indoor and Outdoor lighting applications.

  • 60W 24VDC Class 2 LED Dimmable Driver MD-024-060VT

    New Multi-Dim 24VDC Class 2 Regulated Dimmable 60 Watt (2.5A) constant voltage LED Driver features outstanding LED dimming performance that is compatible with wide range of dimmers.  Integrated microprocessor on driver automatically senses and optimizes performance based on the load and type of used dimming technology

  • 96W 24VDC Dimmable Class 2 Driver E96L24DC-KO

    96 Watts 24 volt DC Electronic Dimmable Class 2 power supply is the IP67 rated and fully operational in wet and damp applications

  • 96W x 3 24VDC Multi-Output Dimmable Class 2 LED Driver EZJ288L24DC

    Multi-Output 96W x 3 24VDC Dimmable Class 2 Driver is available in a compact in size junction box. Moreover, with separate hardwired compartments for easy install and greater reliability. The electronic transformer can be dimmed a with standard TRIAC wall dimmer switch.