Easy to use, connect and extend with LED lights and fixtures

  • Switch Controlled LED Bar Power Connector

    Comes with on/off switch control to connect Single color LED Bar to power source – (30cm) 12″ long

  • U Channel Track 10MM for 120V LED Strip

    U-Channel track allows you to to create straight building perimeter outlines on most surfaces. Ideal for wood, metal and brick surfaces on buildings.

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  • Wireless DMX Pen Receiver

    Wireless DMX 3-pin XLR Female connector- Receiver. LC-512x-F works with LC-840 and receives signal from LC-512x-M.

  • Wireless DMX Pen Transmitter

    Wireless DMX 3-pin XLR Male connector- Transceiver. LC-512x-M works with LC-840-DMX and transmits signal to LC-512x-F.