RGB-W LED Tape Light – FA60M50-XM-24V-RGBW

24VDC RGBW high brightness color changing LED Flex Strip (FA60M50-5M-24V-RGBW) features a new 4 in one 5050 SMD LED Chip. The standard 5050 SMD has three colors, Red, Green and Blue but RGBW has Red, Green and Blue plus an additional color of Warm White (2700 to 2900K) to add to the wide color spectrum while creating a super bright LED strip! The roll comes in a 6.56 ft (2 meter), 16.4 ft (5 meter) long roll in a flexible ultra-thin strip with a 3M adhesive backing.

Designed for the lighting designers and professionals, this RGBW can be used for architectural lighting, sign letter lighting, color cove lighting, bar lighting, stage lighting, and many other applications.

RGBW is different from the older RGB-W where each 5050 Chip has the standard three colors in one chip plus one separate 5050 SMD for white. This creates white spots and greatly diminishes the color mixing effect. Please see PDF and instructions for further details.

Note that this Type A is suitable for indoor use in dry location and has a peel and stick double-sided adhesive backing. It is recommended to be installed in the optional Aluminum Channel (standard wide only) to extend the life of the LEDs. The FA60M50-5M-24V-RGBW comes with a five wire pigtail (50cm) 20″ long for easy connection to our optional color controllers. The LED strip can be cut to size at marked intervals, every 6 LED (24VDC). Please carefully read instructions before installing.

Note: This product requires an optional Class 2 Power Supply and Color Controller (not included)
Note: It is recommended to use this product with our wide LED Aluminium Profile


24 volts DC, 6 watts per foot
5 Meter roll (16.4ft)
Color changing RGBW Bright 5050 SMD LEDs with 4 Chips in 1 LED.
Can be cut to size at marked intervals and rejoined by experienced personnel
Operating temperature: -25°C ~ 40°C (-13°F ~ 104°F)
Long life span of LED lights of up to 25,000 hours +

Technical Specifications

Roll Size2 meter (6.56ft)/5 meter (16.4 ft)
Max Voltage24 VDC (Regulated/Class 2)
Watt foot6 Watts/ft
Watts/Roll4 Amps Roll)
Max Current 250mA/Foot (30.5cm)
Light Source60 pcs/meter (39.37″) 5050 RGBW SMD LED (4 in 1)
Dimensions5000(L) x 12(W) x 2.5(H)mm (16.4′ x 0.47″ x 3/32″)
LEDs Type5050 SMD LED
LED Angle120°
Mounting3M Adhesive Tape, Type A
Pitch Distance of LEDs16.67 mm
Lamp Life>25,000 hours (70% Lumen Maintenance)
Operating Temperature-25°C ~ +40°C  (-13°F ~ 104°F)

Regulated LED Drivers


Master Color Controllers

Color DMX Decoders

Color RF(Wireless) Receivers


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