LED Puck Lights

Our Ultra Slim and decorative COB LED puck lights ideal for Kitchen Cabinet and Under Cabinet Lighting.

  • QS-107T-2.2W LED Puck light

    Under Cabinet LED Puck Light – Dimmable 2.2W for Kitchen Countertops and Display Cabinets

    Dimmable under cabinet 2.2W LED Puck Light Recessed/Surface Mount. LED Puck Light Recessed/Surface Mount comes with White color trim and surface mount ring that simply snap on to the top surface. Available in Warm White (2700K), Warm White (3000K) and Neutral White (4000K).

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  • 1W LED Recessed Wall/Stair Light QS-701C-1W

    All New 1W Recessed LED light for recessed stair and wall lighting. LED wall light use LED COB lighting (Chips on Board) technology that provides a bright beautiful clean LED light output without the spotting effect. COB LEDs, create an even-light look rather than the individual LED dots of some older style puck lights. Available in Warm White (3000K).