Full Spectrum LED Horticultural COB

Direct line voltage 120VAC powered Full Spectrum 100W LED Horticultural COB (Chip on board) for commercial growing. The 100W LED Horticultural COB features LED technology that has an optimized light spectrum for plants (Blue and Deep Red) and a slight spectrum of green in the ratio of. It can be used for all stages of plant growth, especially  flowering stage for higher yields. The COB must uses with a heat sink that is capable of keep the chip at a maximum temperature of 85°C. The LED Grow COB saves energy over standard HPS lighting solutions and reduces cost of operations in indoor grow operations. This product is for manufactures of LED Horticultural light systems and scientific research.


LED Light manufactures and Scientific Research.

LED Grow COB Features

Direct 120 VAC power
Does not require an additional driver
Full Spectrum Optimized
Requires Heat sink

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage120VAC
Power Consumption100W / 1.2A
DimensionL 70mm x W 51mm (L 2.75″ x W 2.00″)


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