Human Body Sensor Switch

Human Body Induction switch (LN-SPIR-1CH) senses the approaching person and activates attached LED lighting fixture.

The human body is an infrared detection sensor switch controller, that use of infrared detection to turn on/off low voltage LED lighting (12/24VDC). As a person approaches the sensor within 16 feet (5 meter) area, the sensor acts as a switch to turn on the attached optional LED lighting. After a person leaves the sensor area, the human body induction switch will turn off automatically according to the set time delay.


Human body infrared sensor
Dimension: L76 X W35 X H34 mm (2.99″ x 1.37″ x 1.33″)
5 meter sensing distance area
Compatible 12/24VDC LED lighting fixture and class 2 regulated power driver

Human Body Induction Switch Wiring Diagram

Human Body Induction Switch Wiring Diagram

Directions for Use

Turn power off before connecting lighting or power source. Please carefully check that the wire attached to the screw terminal are screwed in tight to avoid short circuit between connecting wires
Use the setting knob at the back of the controller to set the delay time to turn off after a person is away from the area
The controller signal output line and input line should be connected with the correct polarity and NOT exceed 5 amps.

Technical Specifications

Voltage12/24VDC Class 2 regualted power source
Output1 Channel
Sensing Distance Area5 meter (16.4ft)
Approach Angle60 degrees
Output Current<5A
Delay Time 1-10min (adjustable)
DimensionIndoor use only (dry location)
Operating Environment
-20°C~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F) indoor use only (dry location)

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