32CH LT-932-OLED DMX/RDM LED Color Decoder

The LT-932-OLED constant voltage 32-Channel DMX Decoder 3A per Channel is designed for professional use where multiple DMX outputs for LED Strips are required. The LT-932-OLED has multiple connection interface that includes RJ45, 3-pin XLR, 5 pin XLR and terminal block connections for DMX in and out. The terminal block connection also serves as a DMX signal amplifier to ensure data transmission (Cat 5) over long distances. OLED screen with button control is used for setting the DMX address and other operations.

LT-932-OLED DMX Decoder Features

Converts standard DMX signals to PWM output for driving 12 or 24 VDC LED lighting.
32 x 3A channel power rating supports large installations up LED Strips
Works with 12V and 24V LED lights.
OLED screen with button control for easy access and setting the DMX address
Uses universal standard DMX512/1990 with 8 bit (256 levels) and 16 bit (65536 levels) grey scale output per channel, 0-100% brightness and various changing effect
RDM remote management protocol for the parameters browsing & setting, DMX address setting, equipment recognition operations
RJ45, 3-pin XLR, 5-pin XLR and terminal block connections for DMX signal in and out
Controls single color, CCT, RGB and RGBW LED fixtures
Terminal block DMX output includes a DMX signal amplifier
Rugged metal chassis with two sets of terminal screws for low voltage input power (capable of accepting 12 gauge wire)

Use only with LED World’s Regulated Class 2 power supplies. Do not use with magnetic or electronic dimmable power supply.

Important note: The maximum length of RGB/W LED Flex Strip attached to DMX Decoder should not exceed 20 linear feet (due to voltage drop resulting in color loss).

Technical Specifications

Input SignalDMX512 / RDM
Input VoltageDC12 ~DC24V
Current load 3A x 32CH Max 96A
Output Power(0~36W~72W) x 32 Channel max  2304W
DMX512 SocketXLR-3, XLR-5, RJ45, Green terminal
Control modesDimming / CCT / RGB / RGBW
Dimming Curve0.1~9.9
Grey level8 bit (256 levels) / 16 bit (65536 levels)
Photoelectric IsolationYes
Working Temp-30°C~55°C (-22°F~131°F)
DimensionL 300 x W 122 x H 39mm (L 11.81″ x W 4.80″ x H 1.53″)

12VDC Power Supplies

24VDC Power Supplies


  • Wireless DMX Pen Receiver

    Wireless DMX 3-pin XLR Female connector- Receiver. LC-512x-F works with LC-840 and receives signal from LC-512x-M.

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  • RGB 2464 Wire

    Low voltage 20 Gauge / Meter cord. Comes in 16.40 feet length. RGB Power cord with pigtail wires on both ends

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  • RGBW 2464 Wire

    Low voltage 20 Gauge / Meter cord. Comes in 16.40 feet length. RGBW Power cord with pigtail wires on both ends

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  • Wireless DMX Pen Transmitter

    Wireless DMX 3-pin XLR Male connector- Transceiver. LC-512x-M works with LC-840-DMX and transmits signal to LC-512x-F.

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  • DMX Touch Panel RGB/RGBW LED Controller HUEDA™

    HUEDA™ multi-zone DMX Touch Panel Master Color controller features easy to touch and control colors, brightness and color changing speed effects.

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  • LED Color Controller STICK-DE3

    The third generation STICK with an Integrated color display. It is compatible with all Nicolaudie computer software and mobile apps. 


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