120VAC 1/2″ LED Rope Lights

Bright 120VAC 1/2″ (13mm) LED Rope Light is a decorative lighting with LEDs in a weather resistant PVC tube suitable for outdoor use.  Easy to outline and is ideal for perimeter building outline lighting, amusement themes, holiday light sculptures, cove lighting, architectural lighting, trade show lighting, bars, and night clubs.

The optional U-Channel track allows you to to create straight building perimeter outlines on most surfaces (adhesives or screws): attach LED Rope lighting into track for easy mounting and straight professional looking lines of lighting.

LED Rope Lights available in 3 different colors : Warm White, Cool White and Blue


Very Bright & Low power Consumption of LEDS
Little or no heat
UL listed
Very Bright: the LED Rope lighting is up to 35% brighter compared to standard incandescent Rope lighting
100% Solid state design. No glass bulbs or flimsy filaments to break
Designed for Commercial Use. Easy to bend and shape for unique designs

Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature-10°C ~ 40°C
AMPs1.2 Amps
Watts / ft0.88 watts
Roll Size150 ft (45.6 meters)
Lumens45~50 lumens /ft
Size13mm (1/2′) diameter round
Converter1.8 Amp
LED Spacing 1″ (2.54 cm)



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