Bendable Aluminium LED Profile

Bendable Aluminium LED Profile (AC-ALP1806-M) is made from high quality Aviation 6063-T5 aluminium alloy with Double-Anodized, and is designed for flexible LED strips that are 8~12mm wide. Ideal LED profile for straight and curved for display counter and cabinet.

Accessories offered for the extrusion are Screws, End cap pair, Mounting Clips and milky covers that shade and protect LEDs inside the profile. Covers are made of polycarbonate and are certified for excellent resistance to all weather conditions and UV radiation, as well as being flame retardant. Standard polypropylene end caps and mounting brackets are used for extrusion as supplementary accessories. End caps protect the extrusion from dust and other undesirable elements, which can make LED strips dirty and consequently deteriorate the lighting parameters. The extrusion can be mounted to surfaces with use of double-sided adhesive tape or mounting brackets. The mounting bracket guarantees easy and secure mounting of the extrusion to a desired surface. It can also be used as connector between extrusions.

Available Length size for Bendable Aluminium profile is 1 meter (3.28 feet). Maximum allowed bend radius is 6″ (152.4mm).

Extra End Caps and Mounting Clips are available under the Accessories Tab

Bendable Aluminium Profile Dimension

Bendable Profile Dimension

Technical Specifications

Ingress Protection RatingIP20 (Standard)
Available Length1 meter (3.28ft)
MaterialBody-Aluminum, Cover-Polycarbonate, End cap-polyproplyene, Mounting Bracket, Spring-Steel
Lighting TransmittanceMilky Cover
Operating Temperature Range-30°C~60°C (-22°F~140°F)
FlammabilityV2 Fire Rating for PC Cover
UV StabilityAgeing resistance
Heat StabilityUnder 100°C
UL94 RatingUL94V2
Grade of Aluminium 6063-T5 Anodizing
Heat Transmission propertiesAluminium specific heat is 0.88 x 10J/ (Kg x °C)



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