Aluminum LED Profile Round AC-R008

Aluminum profile round AC-R008 with PMMA Opal matter diffuser can be mounted with optional wall bracket to walls or can be hanged to  create custom linear light Pendants up to 2 meters (6.56 ft) long when used with our optional Quattro Bright LED Strips. Comes with Opaque cover for spotless lighting effect.

Round Aluminum profile available in 1 meter (3.28ft) and 2 meter (6.56ft) long length.


Attach to the ceiling with optional Hang wire mount
Adjustable Wall mount bracket for angled horizontal lighting
Comes with opal cover for spotless lighting


Display Cabinets
Jewelry Cabinets
General Task Lighting


  • Suspension Wire Mounting Kit AC-R008-W

    Suspension wire mounting kit (AC-R008-W) allows to hang Corner Cove Aluminium Profile from ceiling

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  • Mounting Bracket for Round Aluminium Profile

    Mounting Bracket for mounting the Round Aluminium Profile. It allows to adjust lighting with Aluminium profile angle rotation.

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