RGB-W LED Wall Washer 4 LEDs in 1

RGB-W LED Wall Washer (4 LEDs in 1 Chip) with High Power LEDs for Indoor/Outdoor use and Color control available via standard DMX or built-in color settings. Use for  lighting outside building perimeters, casinos, feature walls, bridges, shopping centers , theme parks, entertainment plazas and more!

The high-powered 4 in 1 LED (Red, Green, Blue and white) use a single LED Lens to produce even and consistence color effects with an add a white LED to create accurate white hues.  The LWW-5A/B-48P-DMX  4 in 1 RGBW Wall Washers features Angle adjustable mounting brackets with the 25 degrees lens for accurate color and washes on building walls.

LWW-5C-48P  4 in 1 RGBW Wall Washers come with three different control methods: Independent Mode, DMX Mode and Master/Slave Mode. Independent Mode allows to choose pre-programmed lighting effects; while under DMX Mode Wall washer will be compatible with any DMX512 console to meet requirements from lighting designers. Master/Slave mode allows auto online and synchronization working. Use the optional HUEDA™ or STICK-D3 controller to control the RGBW LED Wall Washers VIA software and smart phone app.


Building facade lighting Flood lighting, and wall washing light
Indoor lighting for special events, concerts, clubs, hotels
Landscape lighting for gardens, theme parks, and entertainment plazas

RGB-W Wall Washer Features & Benefits

With the dimension of L1240 x W78 x H118 (mm), it can illuminate large areas
Each Red, Green, Warm White , and Blue LED has a color depth of 256 shades. The Warm White LED can be mixed with the other colors to provide a cooler white.
Includes mounting brackets that can rotate for easy installation and color wash angle.
180° rotary angle makes directing light to the right angle
25° degrees lens for accurate color washing
RGBW color-changing modes operating through our DMX controller
IP65 rated, applicable for outdoor and indoor  applications
High quality Epistar LEDs used, ensuring a long life span of over 40,000 hours!

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage120V~240VAC
SizeL 1240 x W 78 x H 118mm (48.81″ x 3.07″ x 4.64″)
BodyExtruded Aluminium/6063
LED Qty48 pcs power LED/1W (4 in 1 chip)
ColorR-12, G-12, B-12, W/WW-12
Working Volt24VDC Driver
Power Consumption52W (Max.)
LEDs25° (4 in 1)
Operation Temp.-20°C~40°C (-4°F~104°F)
Work EnvironmentIP65 (applicable for dry, wet, damp environment)

Master Color Controllers

  • DMX Touch Panel RGB/RGBW LED Controller HUEDA™

    HUEDA™ multi-zone DMX Touch Panel Master Color controller features easy to touch and control colors, brightness and color changing speed effects.

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  • HUEDA™ Hub Wifi & DMX Color Controller H-2818WIN

    The H-2818WIN HUEDA™ Hub (master) is a WiFi/RF color controller that allows you to control color changing of RGB and RGBW LED Lighting through DMX standard or wireless Hueda RF color receivers.

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Color DMX Decoders

  • 5CH DMX 512 Decoder 8 or 16 bit H-DMX2108A-5M-3

    Multiple Zone Control DMX decoder to control multiple RGB-W strips as one. Converts analog signal to universal standard DMX512/1990. Uses 5 channels with 256 shades of brightness.

  • HUEDA™ Outdoor 512 DMX Decoder H-2102B(W)

    H-2102B(W) is the water resistant standard DMX512 complient control interface, allows you to set DMX address via digital numeric display. Compatible with DMX Master HUEDA™ and STICK DMX Master

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  • Wireless DMX Pen Transmitter

    Wireless DMX 3-pin XLR Male connector- Transceiver. LC-512x-M works with LC-840-DMX and transmits signal to LC-512x-F.

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  • Wireless DMX Pen Receiver

    Wireless DMX 3-pin XLR Female connector- Receiver. LC-512x-F works with LC-840 and receives signal from LC-512x-M.

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